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Replica Omega 27.00 mm watches that combine stunning style, gorgeous design and top-rated craftsmanship is one of the most desired watches for many watch lovers. More discount and convenience for your shopping, all quality knockoff watches are sold at favorable prices. No matter where you are, we will send your packages to you safely and quickly. Omega 27.00 mm replica watches is the outstanding brand famous all over the world. But due to a tough financial situation not everyone can afford them. Buying replica watches are the best way to become an owner of a luxurious accessory for an affordable price.
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Top Quality Omega 27.00 mm Watches (229) Items
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  • Omega - Seamaster Planet Ocean Liquidmetal Limited Edition

    Omega has announced the launch of the Seamaster Planet Ocean Liquidmetal Limited Edition, the world's first watch to bond ceramics and Liquidmetal.

    Swatch Group researchers collaborating with OMEGA's product development team have created a striking ceramic diving bezel whose numbers and scaling, made of the Liquidmetal alloy, appear in stunning silvery contrast to the black ceramic background. The colour of the ceramic dial perfectly matches that of the bezel. The result is an aesthetic wonder only made possible by several new and innovative processes.
    The remarkable world premiere is being launched in a limited edition of 1948 pieces in honour of the year OMEGA launched its popular Seamaster watch line.

    Liquidmetal®: seamless bonding, remarkable hardness
    The Liquidmetal alloy is an amorphous metal - a metallic material with a disordered, non-crystalline atomic structure. Its fusion temperature is half that of conventional titanium alloys but when it is cooled, its hardness is three times as great as that of stainless steel. Its amorphous structure allows it to bond seamlessly with the ceramic bezel.

    The Liquidmetal is a bulk metallic glass alloy consisting of five elements: zirconium, titanium, copper, nickel and beryllium. A bulk metallic glass can, by virtue of its low critical cooling rate, be formed into a structure with a thickness of more than a tenth of a millimetre. Zirconium is an important constituent part both of the Liquidmetal® alloy and of the ceramic material which is made of zirconium dioxide (Zr02).  
    The final, perfectly smooth bezel is particularly resistant to scratching and corrosion because of the hardness of the two components.

    The union of ceramics and Liquidmetal® at OMEGA
    First, ceramic rings are formed. The numbers and the fine lines of the minute scaling are then engraved into these ceramic bezel rings and polished. The alloy is heated and pressed into the cavities in the ceramic material after which any excess Liquidmetal is removed. The Liquidmetal can be manipulated at a lower temperature than metals normally used in watchmaking so the heating process does not damage the ceramic material.
    The Liquidmetal numbers and scales are then satin brushed. Because the ceramic is a harder material than the alloy, the satin brushing of the fine details can be done without affecting the ceramic bezel. The numbers and scaling then appear in bold, vivid contrast to the glossy ceramic background.

    Redefining longevity in the watch industry
    The OMEGA Seamaster Planet Ocean Liquidmetal Limited Edition, which has a stainless steel case and bracelet, is driven by OMEGA's revolutionary Co-Axial calibre 2500. These movements, which have been heralded for their long-term chronometric performance, are perfectly complemented by the ceramic and Liquidmetal alloy components which are incredibly resistant to corrosion and scratching. The result is pure OMEGA: a design premiere which will retain its appearance indefinitely, blended with innovative Co-Axial technology.

Omega 27.00 mm

There is no doubt that Omega 27.00 mm watches are one of the most desired watches for people who want to look successful and make a difference in social position. The Omega 27.00 mm watches replica industry has seen a huge surge in popularity. With households having less disposable income, women are seeking more economical alternatives for their fashion accessories. All the products we present are of the perpetual quality and high international standards. Omega 27.00 mm watches is among them - perfect design, smart appearance and firm mechanisms.