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Our Replica Omega Blue watches are highly praised by our customers. Our watches are created by professional watchmakers who quite skilled in creating quality replicas. In the process of long life, some jewelry will give splendid luster to this journey. Omega Blue watches replica will accompany you day and night and make your life more vivid. No matter how expensive Omega Blue replica watches from China are eternal. They are made from carefully selected materials and quality events.
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Top Quality Omega Blue Watches (169) Items
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  • Collecting - Personal Holy Grails, Part 3

    WORLDTEMPUS - 25 June 2010

    I remember walking down Washington Street in downtown Boston, that city's "jewelry district," and seeing a white-dialed Breitling Premier shining under the lights in a shop. This was during my Hamilton period, and the $1,200 that they wanted for the watch was more than I could imagine spending at the time. I remember being impressed by how smoothly the chronograph pushers worked and how great the dial and case looked. I later enjoyed owning both the white and black dial versions of the Premier. I feel compelled to note that Breitling offered many interesting chronographs in the 1990s and early 2000s—such as the Spatiographe, which displays the elapsed minutes in digital format on a wheel, exactly the way most watches display the date except that it was the chronograph minutes that were displayed. The Montbrillant Eclipse and the Navitimer Twin Sixty are other models from the 1990s that are quite interesting and now rare.

    One of the most iconic watches of our generation is the Chronoswiss Opus. It was seeing this watch on the cover of Wristwatch Annual in 2000 that made me buy the book. I never did buy the watch, but that copy of Wristwatch Annual, which I perused so many times that the binding fell apart, really accelerated my watch collecting by exposing me to countless new brands and models. The Opus is aptly named and the watch could serve as a fine holy grail, though—amazingly—it is not priced like most other horological hall-of-famers. Note to self: buy the Chronoswiss Opus to celebrate writing my first articles for!
    Alain Silberstein offers singularly styled watches, almost always with interesting complications (like his Smileday, which allows you to display your mood with various emoticons in an aperture on the dial—long before "emoticons" was even a word). I love how he playfully blends all of the colors and uses curvy hands. The Alain Silberstein Krono Bauhaus with complete calendar was always on my radar, but, alas, never my wrist.

    Finally, my own personal mother of all gaps is the IWC Portuguese Automatic Chronograph in steel (reference 3714). I have probably tried it on 50 times and never pulled the trigger. This watch with silver dial and rose gold hands and markers is the best looking watch of all time. In my formative collecting years, I found it too difficult to choose between the black dial and silver dial…so I bought neither. I've gone on to own watches much more expensive, but none more beautiful than the Portuguese. Every time I see one, its beauty gives me pause. There must be some reason I never returned to fill that gap. Maybe, just maybe, that watch is my personal Alpha and Omega.
    In my estimation, it is a rare collector that has collected for any length of time and does not have similar gaps in his or her own collecting history. I invite you to look back over your own experience and spend a few minutes remembering the watches that you yearned for, but never owned. It's never too late. And if you have been collecting for a while, you may find that the watches that you regret never owning are now discontinued. This just makes filling in those old gaps more fun as you can look forward to some excellent adventures. Late-night detective work online is always fun, as are visits to local watch stores, flea markets, yard sales and maybe even travelling to watch shows: in pursuit, and hopefully conquest, of filling in those gaps. Good luck and good hunting.

Omega Blue

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