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Top Quality Omega Platinum Watches (11) Items
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Top Quality Omega Platinum Watches (11) Items
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  • Atelier Loiseau - Historical timepieces

    Pocket Watch

    It is the fisrt pocket watch intergrating a Tourbillon and complications in the history. The Renaissance features the Hours, Minutes and Seconds (from the Tourbillon). It also is a Perpetual Calendar with all of its traditionnal information. Plus it proposes an automatic striking mechanism, the 12 zodiacal signs, the sunrise and sunset stars, the equation of time and a thermometer. The Renaissance is still today privately owned by the same familly who originally bought it.
    Capriccio - Piece No 2
    Pocket Watch

    The functions are the Hours, Minutes and Seconds (from the Tourbillon). Its hand winding movment perfectly fits the special shape of the case, inspired by a paintor's color palette. The power reserve is of 8 days. It is regulated by a tourbillon and a detent escapment.  The Capriccio is the property of the Omega museum.
    Montres des Sables - A Faces
    Pocket Watches

    The deserts' nomads inspired Dominique Loiseau for the creation of these 6 unique Montres des Sables (Watches of the sand). Every movement's flying Tourbillon is placed in the center of each watch. These pocket watches have pendant integrated in their case so that they look like stones on the desert.
    Rose des Temps
    Table Clock and automaton


    Unique Complication rebus table clock celebrating the arrival of the 3rd millenary. The timepiece is made of 16 modules all interchangeable between them and totalizing 32 functions. To name a few these functions are : Automatic Striking Mecanism, Minute Repeater, a 6 bells (gongs) Westminster Carillon, Perpetual Calendar, the sky in New-York, Sydney, Buenos Aires and Bern, the 4 seasons indicator, Year 2K automaton, a Chronometer, a Thermometer and of course Hours and Minutes.
    Pocket Watch

    Unique pocket watch. Besides the Hours, minutes and seconds (from the Tourbillon) it features a flying Tourbillon and a power reserve indicator.  The Cobra is privately owned.

Omega Platinum

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