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Since the debut of Corum watches in 1955, this brand has made a striking impact on the industry. Each Corum watch is crafted with great precision, precious materials, and most importantly, cutting-edge design. Corum watches have been modeled after tubes, Chinese pyramid-shaped hats, peacock feathers, a Rolls Royce grill, and antique coins. The most famous of the Corum watches are designed to celebrate the Admiral's Cup race and feature unique dodecagon cases and impressive automatic movements.
Top Quality Corum Watches (73) Items.
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Top Quality Corum Watches (73) Items
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  • Corum - Grand Prix Corum 2010

    If the 2009 showed a very close-fought race, the 2010 season displayed an end of championship much more predictable with three boats fighting for the podium of the Challenge Julius Baer (Banque Populaire, Alinghi, Foncia). However each of the 12 D35 embedded in the race this weekend could back off and win the Corum Grand Prix. Once again the strech of Lake Leman (Lake Geneva) was the scene of a fantastic comings and goings that made people hold their breath. Last year, team Okalys-Corum, helmed by Loïck Peyron, came close to victory by winning a silver medal in the final of the Challenge Julius Baer. Having concluded 2009 season tied in points with Team Alinghi, the season 2010 turned out much more difficult for the team. Okalys-Corum enters the Grand Prix Corum with 29 points and 6th position of the general classification and the team retained its result at the final general classification of the Challenge Julius Baer with 35 points. If the podium of the Challenge Julius Baer was out of reach this year, the motivation of the team remains unchanged for a multihull circuit that year after year is gaining an increasing notoriety thanks to the presence of international prestigious sailors and a fleet that reigns on major sailing circuits, even for the next America's Cup.To celebrate the end of the Grand Prix Corum, Corum and the organizers of the event Grand Chelem Management Ltd set up on a surprise for the sailors by organizing a Saturday night concert of "Anonym Unplugged" duo.
    Review of the 2 days of racing of the Grand Prix Corum 2010, final race of the Challenge Julius Baer (results of the races taken from the Grand Chelem releases)

    Friday 17th September 2010
    Without wind, the sailors stayed on land as Eole was not powerful enough to allow the start of any single leg.

    Saturday 18th September 2010
    With an early departure, the Twelve D35 cut the starting line with a wind of 15-20 knots. 5 legs were runned in a nice breeze. Ernesto Bertarelli with Alinghi took advantage of the overall issues to fly over the Grand Prix Corum ahead by taking Banque Populaire with Pascal Bidegorry and Julius Baer with Philippe Cardis,who finished third. The Corum Grand Prix nominated the winner of the 2010 Challenge Julius Baer. The verdict picked up the crew of Banque Populaire by crowning the team king of the Leman Lake.

    Sunday 19th September 2010
    To celebrate the end of the Challenge Julius Baer, Sunday was devoted to exhibition racing. The twelve Decision 35 were rearranged into two teams: the French and the Swiss and competed on the lake Geneva area. A time dedicated to conviviality and entertainment that has captivated the public.

    General classification of the CORUM Grand-Prix 2010

    General classification of the Challenge Julius Baer 2010

    The result of this CORUM Grand Prix reflects the teams' strengths, both amateurs and professionals, which had been honed through years of experience making this a really exhilarating competition. The oceanic sailors who participated in the circuit added a valuable international visibility to this event, contributing to the D35 fleet a fame that extends well beyond our frontiers. A deep thank you to the 12 teams for their enthusiasm and passion as Corum is very pleased to be part of this great sailing family and looks forward for the 2011 season.

    This Corum Grand Prix Corum was also the time to say goodbye as the Bank Julius Baer leaves the Challenge after 5 years on board of this event. It was a real pleasure for Corum to share alongside the collaborators of Julius Baer a so exciting and thrilling event. We take this opportunity to thank Remy Bersier (Member of the Executive Committee of the Bank Julius Baer) and his team (Anne Hebeisen, Catherine Ferrier et Emmanuel Favre-Felix) for their excellent work and commitment and wish them all the best for their future. We are happy to count them in the Corum family.
    A deep thank you to the organizers of the Challenge Julius Baer ; Grand Chelem Management SA and his team present this week-end : Steve Bonny, Aurelie Fontanellaz, Virginie Grangier, Nicolas Mabille, Matthieu Morin et Christel Varone and the Yacht Club Geneva, Pierre-Yves Firmenich and Alec Tournier. It is thanks to the determination and personality of actors and partners that this event stands as an exceptional sport moment.

    Summary of the history of the Corum partnership
    Confirming its attachment to the world of sailing, CORUM continues its history and reinforces its presence in the arena of nautical sponsoring. Marking a nautical double, the CORUM watchmaking brand, joined forces with the prestigious and winning OKALYS-CORUM team and has lent its name to the Geneva Grand Prix since 2009. A history which above all tells of the meeting of passionate people.

    Symbol of the Corum Grand Prix, the trophy created by the eponymous brand was given to the team of Ernesto Bertarelli, Alinghi SUI-1, the first winner of the Grand Prix trophy CORUM. A trophy that has to be won 3 times consecutively by the same team to be definitely won. The 2011 season will then be decisive.

    As the Grand Prix's official partner, CORUM is running up its watchmaking colors and lending its precision to seafaring timepieces and chronographs. CORUM rewarded the winning team with a titanium Admiral's Cup Chronograph 48mm Grand Prix Corum 2010 watch in titanium, the brand's iconic model famous for its dodecagonal bezel and a dial decorated with nautical pennants. This model will symbolize the two partnerships by becoming the official watch of the CORUM Grand Prix and the OKALYS-CORUM team.

    Admiral's Cup Chronograph 48mm Grand Prix Corum 2010

    Suggested retail price, all taxes included: CHF 10'200.
    Available at authorized points of sale and at Corum boutiques in Geneva & Hong Kong.
    Best Picture Corum Reward
    Corum will communicate the results of the Best Picture contest held during the Corum Grand Prix on September 24th. More information available on our website

    Feeling of the victorious sailors right after the race (data taken from the Grand Chelem releases)

    Pascal Bidegorry
    , skipper of Bank Populaire, winner of the Challenge Julius Baer 2010:
    Ernesto Bertarelli, Alinghi's skipper, winner of the Grand Prix Corum 2010 : "

    Alain Gautier
    , skipper de Foncia, 3eme du Challenge Julius Baer 2010 : "


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