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Replica Omega 35.50 mm watches satisfies many people by its exceptional function and preciseness. We are professional online store where you can find an extensive collection of top quality replica watches. To this very day, Omega 35.50 mm watches replica of inestimable value are among the most extraordinary showpieces of significant public and private collections. If you like the look of Omega 35.50 mm replica watches but not the price; consider purchasing one of these Omega 35.50 mm replica watches. You will love your style, for less.
Top Quality Omega 35.50 mm Watches (17) Items
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Top Quality Omega 35.50 mm Watches (17) Items
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  • Omega - Michael Phelps visits the Boutique in Shanghai

    Michael had the opportunity to visit the Omega Boutique at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel. Being one of the greatest swimmers in history, Michael got the chance to talk to some young Chinese swimming fans, who were all enthusiastic about meeting him.

    As to what time means to him, Michael said, "Time is of paramount importance to me. In swimming, a hundredth of a second can determine the result. That's why precise timing is critical to competitive swimming. Omega is visible everywhere I compete. It's just like having a family around when I'm travelling."
    He added, "Omega has offered unwavering support for a long time. I really think that being part of a company like this is extremely special. It's been amazing to have been an ambassador for so many years. I'm looking forward to sharing time with them this summer at the World Championships in Shanghai, and of course I'm looking ahead to the London 2012 Olympic Games."

    Omega is a company of the Swatch Group, the largest manufacturer and distributor of watches and jewellery in the world At the boutique, Michael also assumed a different role. In addition to autographing watch boxes containing the newly upgraded Seamaster Planet Ocean collection, the 14-time Olympic gold medalist, donned a white lab coat and a watchmaker's loupe. He was then joined by the children who were also outfitted in Omega lab coats and worked with them as they used precision horological hand tools to disassemble a watch movement. The next challenge was to put the Omega movement back together and Michael and the children applauded each other enthusiastically when they successfully completed this daunting task.
    The Swatch Art Peace Hotel where the Omega Boutique is located is directly on Shanghai's iconic Bund, is a historic landmark in Shanghai. It has been painstakingly renovated and now offers the same magnificent splendor that has defined it since it first opened its doors as the Palace Hotel in 1908.
    The FINA World Championships are taking place from July 16th to 31st at the Shanghai Oriental Sports Center. Omega wishes Michael Phelps every success in his upcoming competitions.


Omega 35.50 mm

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