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Replica Omega Blauw parelmoer watches is the one you are looking for. When you wear a replica Guess watches, you'll instantly get noticed, by men and women alike. Omega Blauw parelmoer watches replica will suitable for you and your families. We have adequate stock that you can choose your ideal style freely! There are various of fashion things appearing in the fashion watches. Omega Blauw parelmoer replica watches is a famous brand in fashion world. With various watch collections, they are very popular with fashion people which can be worn in any occasion.
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Top Quality Omega Blauw parelmoer Watches (1) Items
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  • Omega - Seamaster Co-Axial 300 M Limited Edition James Bond 007

    OMEGA celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of the first James Bond film with the launch of two commemorative limited edition watches, a press conference and a showcase of props from every James Bond film at its new Westfield Stratford (England) boutique.

    The event was opened by OMEGA president Stephen Urquhart, who welcomed media and guests and talked about his brand's relationship with the film franchise. He said, "James Bond is unmatched as a cultural icon and we are excited to be celebrating half a century of great adventure films featuring the world's favourite spy. We are also happy to have the opportunity to display items from every one of those films. I know that the showcase will bring back a lot of cinematic memories." Stephen Urquhart was joined by OMEGA's vice president and head of product development, Jean-Claude Monachon, who introduced two Seamaster Diver watches that OMEGA has released to commemorate the milestone. Released in two sizes, the new Seamaster Diver is distinguished by a red "50" on its diving bezel, a reminder that it is celebrating a special anniversary. Also at the press conference was Lindy Hemming, the Oscar-winning costume designer who chose the OMEGA Speedmaster as 007's watch in GoldenEye in 1995. Asked about her selection of the OMEGA Seamaster with the blue dial, she said "I was convinced that Commander Bond, a Naval man, a diver, and a discreet gentleman of the world would wear this watch as opposed to the one everyone expected me to use."

    She added, "I had also known contemporaries when I was in my twenties who were military and naval, and some who worked in field of energy and electricity, who all swore by their Omegas. Therefore, as one of the early tasks in designing the new Bond, Pierce Brosnan, I went to a props and hand props meeting and argued for the use of Omega, which I had of course first investigated to make sure they would be interested in placing their watches on Bond!" Bond film props and gadgets on display The showcase which opened on Wednesday features props from all 22 previously released Bond films. The Parahawk from The World is Not Enough is displayed outside the boutique; it attracted considerable attention from shoppers in the mall who were pleased to enter the boutique to see a wide range of props that includes a Dom Perignon champagne bottle from Dr. No, a flask bomb used in A View to Kill, super-villain Jaws' teeth from The Spy Who Loved Me and Bond's piton gun from GoldenEye.

    The showcase continues through Friday February 24th at the OMEGA Boutique at the Stratford Westfield Mall and is open to the public.

Omega Blauw parelmoer

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