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Top Quality Omega Seamaster Watches (32) Items.
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Top Quality Omega Seamaster Watches (32) Items
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  • Omega - Seamaster Ploprof 1200M

    In 1970 OMEGA launched the Seamaster Professional 600, the so-called "Ploprof" (the first letters of plongeur professionnel - the French words meaning "professional diver"), one of the most rugged, robust and seaworthy divers' wristwatches ever manufactured.
    Last year we introduced a completely updated version of the divers' classic. Equipped with a Co-Axial calibre 8500, the new Ploprof 1200M is, as its name suggests, water resistant to an astounding 1200 metres (4000 feet, 120 bar) and it is an artful union of its ancestor's legendary features and OMEGA's state-of-the-industry Co-Axial technology.
    The OMEGA Seamaster Ploprof 1200M in white!
    This year OMEGA presents its white version of the Ploprof. It has all of the features professional divers have come to expect from OMEGA: a white bi-directional locking bezel with chrome-coated Arabic numerals, an automatic helium escape valve and water resistance to 1200 metres (4000 feet, 120 bar). The watch, with its timeless white bezel and dial, is presented with either a white rubber strap or a brushed mesh "Sharkproof" bracelet.
    The Ploprof's case cannot be mistaken for that of any other watch: the screwed-in crown is located at 9 o'clock under a protective buffer. Its unique positioning allows freer wrist movement and prevents any inadvertent manipulation.
    Designed for divers
    At the 2 o'clock position is the Ploprof's characteristic bezel-release security pusher with an orange anodised aluminium ring. Pressing the pusher allows the bezel to be rotated in either direction and then locked firmly in position, ensuring that it cannot be accidentally shifted during a dive. The Ploprof has an automatic helium escape valve located on the side of the case at the 4 o'clock position. This feature allows helium atoms to escape during decompression, and is particularly useful for professional divers operating from diving bells.
    The Seamaster Ploprof 1200M has a polished, lacquered white dial with an applied polished OMEGA name and logo. The oversized minute hand, which plays such an important role for divers, is crafted from orange anodised aluminium for legibility and is coated with white Super-LumiNova.
    Respecting the past, defining the future
    The OMEGA Seamaster 1200M in white is a perfect expression of OMEGA's pioneering spirit: a classic divers' watch which combines state-of-the-industry innovation with timeless design excellence.


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