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Top Quality Omega Bi-color Watches (12) Items
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  • Sotheby's - George Daniels Collection Hammered

    Yesterday in London's chic New Bond Street, Sotheby's auction house undertook what was certainly its most high-profile auction of the year: selling the horological remains of George Daniels' life.
    At precisely 2:30 GMT, the elite of the horological auction world crowded into Sotheby's posh auction room to witness - or possibly bid on - the 137 items left in Daniels' collection at the time of his death in 2011.

    Daniels can rightly be viewed as the first independent, a talented watchmaker who practically led this movement of the mechanical renaissance by example. He was revered by the other independents - as F.P. Journe's platinum Chronometre Souverain (lot 27) gift to him shows - and inspired them in their own work. "This auction will set the precedent for other independents' work," Geoffroy Ader, head of Sotheby's Geneva, remarked.
    Daniels is best remembered for inventing the co-axial escapement, which was industrialized and is now in serial use by Omega, though as his protege and only apprentice Roger Smith pointed out, "He made everything by hand, every part of the watch." His 37 unique pocket watches remain so one-of-a-kind because they were indeed manufactured by his own two hands and because each one represented a new technical experiment.

    Daniels was a collector of automobiles, cameras, and timepieces. As an expert in the history of horology, he also traded in very high-end vintage timepieces and was an adviser to Sotheby's for much of his career. Much of the proceeds of the auctions surrounding these objects will benefit the George Daniels Educational Trust, a charity he set up before his passing to benefit the higher education of pupils studying the disciplines of horology, engineering, medicine and building construction. Financial aid from the trust is granted to students nominated by City University London and jointly the Worshipful Company of Clockmakers and The British Horological Institute.
    Auction results
    Many pieces in the auction were highly anticipated, and the top lot performed as expected, which is probably why it did not elicit applause from the polite gathering of aficionados: the Space Travellers Watch, a large Lepine-style pocket watch complicated beyond belief and ahead of its time in terms of added technology. Smith explained that Daniels had created it in honor of man's first landing on the moon (hence the name). The bidding on it was spirited and included a prominent local London retailer, who dropped out before it crossed the one-million-pound mark. Bidding topped out at 1,150,000 pounds before commission.

    The second most expensive lot came in at 1,100,000 pounds before commission: an ebony-encased striking table clock by Joseph Knibb from 1677. It has royal provenance, which is probably what at least partially spurred the heated bidding for it. As expected, Daniels' own pieces did remarkably well, with the Grand Complication wristwatch hammered at 780,000 pounds before commission.
    Anther notable lot was an Urban Jurgensen wristwatch modified by Daniels to include a slim version of the co-axial escapement, which was sold to the Jurgensen Museum via telephone for 50,000 pounds before commission. And, naturally, the Journe piece was notable for the above-mentioned reasons. It sold for 36,000 pounds before commission.
    The Sotheby's team and other notables present at the auction were pleased with the results, totaling 8,285,139 pounds after commission (and beating the pre-sale estimate by more than 3 million pounds). About 8 million pounds of that will go to the George Daniels Educational Trust.


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