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Passion and innovation are the hallmarks of Chopard's philosophy, reflected in each unique creation of the L.U.C collection. On the inside or from the outside, each timepiece is the ultimate expression of beauty and the peak of watch-making art.
In 1921, the founder’s son, Paul Louis Chopard, opened a branch in La Chaux-de-Fonds and then relocated the company headquarters there. In 1937, he moved the firm to Geneva, the capital of Haute Horlogerie, or Fine Watchmaking, thereby bringing it closer to its cosmopolitan clientele. In 1943, Paul André Chopard, grandson of Louis-Ulysse, took the helm.
In 1963 he sought a buyer capable of reviving and perpetuating the brand’s rich heritage, since none of his sons wished to take over the company. This was when he met Karl Scheufele, descendant of a dynasty of watchmakers and jewellers from Pforzheim, Germany.
After a brief meeting, Karl Scheufele decided to buy the company. Under the impetus of the Scheufele family, Chopard experienced spectacular development. Renowned for its creativity, its state-of-the-art technology and the excellence of its craftsmen, it became one of the leading names in the high-end watch and jewellery industry. Entirely independent, Chopard is pursuing a time-honoured family tradition. Karl Scheufele and his wife Karin have orchestrated the company’s international expansion for more than 40 years and are still active in the firm. Their two children are its current co-presidents: Caroline Scheufele is responsible for the ladies’ collections and high jewellery, while her brother Karl-Friedrich Scheufele manages the gents' collections and the Chopard Manufacture in Fleurier, the production site of L.U.C movements.
Top Quality Chopard Watches (528) Items.
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Top Quality Chopard Watches (528) Items
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  • Chopard - Happy Sport Chrono Mystery Pink, Glam chic

    Happy Sport, the iconic Chopard watch, is regularly interpreted and transformed in step with the seasons, while maintaining its inimitable personality. The latest newcomer to the collection, named Happy Sport Chrono Mystery Pink, invigorates the all-black trend by combining the chic of deep black with the glamour of vivid pink. 

    Beware of outward appearances. The Happy Sport Chrono Mystery Pink conceals a burning fire beneath its sombre exterior. Like a blackberry bursting in the mouth and releasing a delicious tangy taste, it reveals its underlying feminine side in subtly glamorous touches that add a hint of coquetry and charm to this all-black watch. While the alligator leather strap glows with jet black radiance, the stitching is pink and the underside is an intense fuchsia shade; and among the moving diamonds enlivening the dial of this chronograph are two pink sapphires performing a colourful dance. A sapphire in the same hue adorns the crown and lends a warm glow to the powerful 42 mm black ceramic and DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) steel case.

    The elegant yet delightfully rebellious Happy Sport Chrono Mystery Pink excels in the art of illusion and paradox. Flirting with the border between masculinity and femininity, part steely force and part velvet-smooth caress, this sweet and fruity watch plays a fascinating double game that is virtually irresistible.

    Technical Details

    42mm stainless steel DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) and ceramic chronograph from the "Happy Sport" collection. Black dial with 2 mobile pink sapphires and 3 mobile diamonds, quartz movement, water resistant to 30 metres. Black alligator leather strap lined with pink leather. Stainless steel pin buckle.

    Ref. 288515-9013

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