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Top Quality Omega 24.50 mm Watches (18) Items
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  • Omega - Mechanical Ladymatic Line Unveiled in Beijing

    WORLDTEMPUS - 5 November 2010

    In a bold fashion-forward move, Omega has unveiled a complete mechanical watch collection designed exclusively for women. The world premiere of the Ladymatic line took place last week in Beijing under the auspices of actress and Omega ambassador Nicole Kidman. Kidman is the face launching the Ladymatic; according to Omega president Stephen Urquhart, she embodies the power, grace, beauty and feminine spirit of the collection.

    "This is not just a men's line that they made smaller for women; it is a true women's line," says Kidman. "These days, interest in the quality of a watch movement isn't gender specific; women have the same interest in its performance as men do."
    Needing two years for design and development, the concept for the line was the brainchild of none other than the late Nicholas G. Hayek. It was he who approached Omega vice president and head of product development Jean-Claude Monachon just after Basel 2008, following the successful launch of the Co-Axial 8520 line.

    "He insisted we start work immediately on a dedicated ladies line to house the co-axial movement," says Monachon, who explained that the initial design plan was to find something in the brand's archives. That plan unfortunately proved fruitless as there was nothing available that really translated to today's woman. Instead, the team forged ahead with new design ideas, looking to the waves of the ocean for inspiration and adding ceramic for a modern-day, high-tech appeal.

    The blend of femininity, mechanical excellence, and high-tech and fashion-forward design came together masterfully in a line that was "basically started from scratch, but still embraces the Omega 'DNA'," says Monachon. The only thing lacking upon completion was a name. Again, Omega executives reverted to the archives, finally selecting the Ladymatic name from a line first launched in 1955 that went on to become an icon for the brand. Omega recognized that this new collection would always be a mechanical ladies' line and the fit seemed perfect.
    "By reviving this name, we've been able to focus attention on how important our women customers have been to us over the years and also to show the world what a mechanical watch for women should be in the twenty-first century," says Urquhart.

    The initial Ladymatic series has 38 COSC-certified chronometer references crafted in stainless steel or 18-karat yellow or rose gold, all with a ceramic inset ring - either with diamonds on the dial or case or without diamonds. Dials are either white mother-of-pearl or shimmering black lacquer - both with a "supernova" pattern. The line retails from 5,400 Swiss francs to 30,300 Swiss francs. All watches are 34 mm in diameter and powered by the 20 mm Omega Co-Axial Caliber 8520/8521, whose escapement is equipped with Omega's exclusive Si 14 silicon balance spring. Naturally, the case backs are transparent for viewing the self-winding movement. The watches are all water-resistant to 100 meters, offer 50 hours of power reserve and boast an atypical four-year warranty.
    The Ladymatic is offered on an alligator strap or an ingenious patented three-row bracelet that features asymmetrical links closer to the watch case that then become symmetrical four links further out — a very difficult design feat to achieve, according to Monachon.
    "We are very happy with the end result," says Urquhart. "It is very important for us to have the Ladymatic line, not to get more women buyers to but reach a more sophisticated woman buyer."


Omega 24.50 mm

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