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The exquisite craftsmanship and brilliant exterior appearance of top-notch Replica Omega 43.00 mm watches will make you the beautiful scenery of the crowds. Our Cheap Omega 43.00 mm watches replica combine naturalness and sophistication, elegance and contemporary look, strength and energy, an atypical personality makes this watch an obvious choice for sophisticated tastes. Omega 43.00 mm replica watches becomes a super-mini model. When a beautiful and handsome people wear an exquisite watch, he or she will be definitely elegant and gorgeous.
Top Quality Omega 43.00 mm Watches (80) Items
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Top Quality Omega 43.00 mm Watches (80) Items
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  • Omega - Speedmaster Chronograph keeps time

    A Timely Perspective - 5 November 2012

    The Omega Speedmaster chronograph was created in 1957 and has always been regarded as a high-precision sturdy, reliable watch. In 1969, it made history as the first watch to be worn on the moon. This week, it was the watch I relied on during hurricane Sandy, the subsequent power outage for six days and the clean-up after the fact.

    This Speedmaster Automatic Chronometer is a superb watch. Housing the self-winding Omega 3304 caliber, the watch is a chronograph and officially certified COSC chronometer. I love the feel of the automatic movement and its self-winding capabilities - you know you have mechanics on the wrist with this watch. For me, even though time wasn't essential during the blackout, I needed to know the time and date and with this watch I was certain it wouldn't die as a quartz watch might if its battery ran out during the long days and dark nights. 

    Additionally, during the aftermath and the cleanup outside, I knew it was rugged enough to go the distance hauling logs, brush and debris off the pool and out of the yard. While I didn't use the tachymeter bezel, I did, in fact, use the chronograph to track how long it took to get just the one big tree off the pool: 6 hours, 22 minutes and 10 seconds. After that, I stopped timing the take down of the other fallen seven trees. It was tiring work but the watch kept up! I love this timepiece. Retail is about $4,900 - and at that it is a steal.

Omega 43.00 mm

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