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Top Quality Omega 30.00 mm Watches (26) Items
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Top Quality Omega 30.00 mm Watches (26) Items
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  • Omega - Beauty enhanced by Liquidmetal

    October 9th 2009
    The Seamaster Planet Ocean Liquidmetal Limited Edition unveiled by Omega on Monday is the first model from the brand, and doubtless in the entire watch industry, to contain Liquidmetal. This alloy discovered by researchers at the Californian Institute of Technology is endowed with several distinctive physical properties that have enabled the creation of a bezel alternating satin-brushed zones for the numerals and the minute scale with a polished surface for the ceramic part. Having in the process been granted exclusive rights to the use of this metal in watchmaking, Omega presents a timepiece of which the aesthetic criteria set out in the technical specifications led to the use of an ultra high-tech material.

    Used to date in applications such as enhancing the flexibility of Head tennis rackets, the Liquidmetal is extremely different to classic metals. Amorphous rather than crystalline like most other metals, it has a 400°C melting point twice as high as titanium-based alloys, and is three times tougher than stainless steel. Nonetheless, Omega engineers have chosen it first and foremost for its malleability - a quality that enables even the smallest cavities to be perfectly filled thanks to the pressure of the alloy inside. This technology thus paved the way for the visually appealing alternation of metal parts with those made in ceramics and produced by Comadur - a sister company in the Swatch Group.
    After presenting last spring a Speedmaster model not yet available on the market but equipped with a split-second chronograph and a ceramic dial, Omega once again introduces a model with a decidedly high-tech face. The shimmering pure dial echoing the bezel lends the watch exceptional depth and intensity, while the attractive dial design strikes a fine balance between vintage spirit and avant-garde styling.
    The cogs of the in-house production process seems to be pretty well oiled, since the Seamaster Planet Ocean Liquid Limited Edition will be available by the end of the year in a series of 1948 - a nod to the launch date of the Seamaster collection. This relatively generous number is well over that of a "confidential" edition and doubtless heralds other forthcoming developments. The retail price is set at 4,800 Swiss francs excluding tax.

Omega 30.00 mm

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