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Top Quality Hamilton Ventura Watches (5) Items.
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Top Quality Hamilton Ventura Watches (5) Items
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    The Grand Prix de Pau returns in 2011, an event eagerly anticipated by all GP enthusiasts, especially as it will take place on one of the last remaining street circuits.
    Richard Mille became involved in the Grand Prix de Pau when he partnered the Historic Grand Prix de Pau, two years ago. This year, the brand is supporting both the Historic and the Modern Grand Prix, which will take place over two consecutive weekends, 14th/15th May and 21st/22nd May respectively.

    The Grand Prix de Pau is a tough testing ground for racing cars and experience, inevitably leads to improvements and innovations. It is in this same spirit that Richard Mille has always approached watchmaking. As principal partner, with both the Historic and Modern Grand Prix de Pau, allows Richard Mille to consolidate his ties between modernity and tradition - Pre-war racing cars with the automobiles of tomorrow, while celebrating the best of car manufacturing.
    The Historic Grand Prix de Pau will take place over the weekend of 14tth and 15th May and will from then on become a yearly event. Participating cars will be divided into seven different grids according to age and specifi cation but the majority of racing will include single seaters that contributed to the reputation of the circuit.
    The following Trophies will be awarded: the Legende Trophy for Grand Prix vehicles and pre-war sports cars, including 15 Bugatti and the Delahaye 145 V12 that won the 1938 Pau Grand Prix; the Argentin Trophy for Grand Prix vehicles with a pre-1961 engine; the Pau Trophy for Grand Prix vehicles with a pre-1966 rear engine; the Pyrenees Trophy for Formula Ford vehicles dating from between 1966 and 1981; the Junior Trophy for Formula Junior vehicles dating from between 1957 and 1963. GT and touring cars will also compete for the Phil Hill/ Sixties Endurance and Mini Classic Trophies.
    Like the Le Mans Classic race, hundreds of automobile clubs will also be putting on an open-air exhibition of their most treasured vehicles so that visitors can get up close to these cars, many of which will pre-date them.
    The Modern Grand Prix de Pau will take place over the weekend of 21st and 22nd May and will be the opportunity to see the champions of the future. Cars will be categorized into nine grids: Formula Renault 2.0, Championship of France FFSA F4, Renault Clio Cup Elf, 207 THP Cup, THP Spider Cup, Legends Cars Trophy, F3 Classic, Formula 3 International Trophy and the fi rst ever Grand Prix de Pau Electric.
    Keen race enthusiasts will remember that Formula 3 has been the proving ground for future champions, in particular Lewis Hamilton.


Hamilton Ventura Replica

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