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Top Quality Cartier Rose Watches (3) Items
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  • Cartier - A «spider» movement wins first prize

    Revue FH - 7 June 2012
    The award ceremony of the Cartier Institute of Watchmaking Contest took place on 5 May at the Theâtre de L'heure bleue in La Chaux-de-Fonds. The theme of this 18th edition was to create an animation on the dial side of the 6497 movement, using the existing hand-setting system.

    Six schools of watchmaking, eight watch industry apprenticeship centres and one private workshop rose to the challenge. The contest is open to all third-year students of schools of watchmaking and watch industry apprenticeship centres in Switzerland, to students of Lange Uhren GmbH and those undergoing their training in private workshops. This year's theme honed the creativity of the young apprentices, who submitted 83 projects for appraisal by members of the jury. The latter were five in number, all neutral and based outside the Institute but active in the world of watchmaking and the arts in Switzerland: Estelle Fallet, chief curator of the Museum of Art and History of Geneva, Andre Evrard, an artist based in Colombier, Jean-Marc Figols, chief instructor of apprentices at Patek Philippe in Plan-les-Ouates, Giulio Papi, Technical Director at Audemars Piguet (Renaud & Papi) in Le Locle, and finally Yves Piller, a Neuchâtel based clockmaker.

    Eight prizes were awarded according to the following criteria: originality of design, quality of execution, functionality of the system and cleanliness of the movement. In the final analysis, Stefan Kuhn of Zeit Zentrum in Granges won the prize for the best all-round work with his «spider» movement. Mario Dunst, of the IWC International Watch Co, was awarded second prize with his «boat» movement and Lionel Moerch, of Joux Valley Technical College, came third. In addition Samuel Schmid, also of the Zeit Zentrum, received the prize for originality for his «caterpillar» calibre. Stefan Kuhn won a week's stay in New York. Students in the top seven places, together with Samuel Schmid, received a Cartier watch, while other participants were presented with a Cartier book.
    The contest's rules made the following stipulations: all apprentices worked on the base of the 6497-1 movement; all components linked to the development of the 2012 theme were produced by the participants; they were allowed to use both sides of the calibre (bars and bottom plate); the movement was required to operate before and after carrying out the time-setting function; the time allowed was 32 hours, spread over two weeks (excluding cleaning and assembly of the movement), and lastly, the participants were required to submit a work log describing the operations carried out.

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