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Top Quality Cartier Openwork Watches (3) Items
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  • Cartier - Cartier Time Art - Mechanics of Passion

    After showing at the Bellerive Museum in Zurich in 2011 and the ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore in 2012, the Cartier Time Art exhibition has arrived in Shanghai. It presents a remarkable selection of watches and clocks that show the development of watchmaking at Cartier, from the earliest models to contemporary designs.

    The selection of pieces covers several distinct periods, mixing inventiveness with aesthetic and technical innovation to demonstrate the vitality of Cartier's watchmaking heritage. Its wealth of shapes, designs, complications and crafts represents the truly exceptional level of expertise of the Maison Cartier.

    Cartier emphasises this point by placing contemporary creations alongside antique pieces. This revealing contrast not only includes several recent creations, such as two mystery watches, but also two revolutionary timepieces: the visionary concept models Cartier IDOne and Cartier IDTwo. They illustrate an openness to the future that characterises Cartier.


Cartier Openwork

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