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Top Quality Cartier 35.00 mm Watches (14) Items
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Top Quality Cartier 35.00 mm Watches (14) Items
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  • Review - What you might have missed last month

    Roger Dubuis, one of the specialists in high-end skeletonized watches, has already presented two new models that will be showcased at the SIHH 2015 at the end of this month. They push the brand's already ambitious standards of skeletonisation even further. The Excalibur Automatic Skeleton features the familiar minimalist skeleton pattern with the Celtic cross arrangement but uses a micro-rotor for the first time, giving the movement construction an even lighter air, while the Excalibur Spider Skeleton Flying Tourbillon extends the skeletonisation to the flange and the case lugs.

    One of Cartier's unmistakable skeletonisation signatures is using the brand's characteristic oversized Roman numerals as the cornerstone of its skeletonized mainplates (Cartier actually holds a patent for incorporating the numerals into the mainplate of skeletonized movements). The latest incarnation of this technique is seen in the Cartier Rotonde Astrotourbillon Skeleton with its calibre 9461 MC movement.

    Similar to the "less is more" theme seen in the new Roger Dubuis models, Cartier skillfully hides the main movement components behind the dominant XII and VI Roman numerals of the mainplate to offer an immense sensation of space in the absence of a dial, highlighting the rotation of the astrotourbillon around the circumference.

    Only 8 of Hysek's new Furtif 44mm Skeleton Tourbillon will be produced, making this contemporary model, with its case in titanium and rose gold with an anthracite PVD coating, highly exclusive. The inspiration for the brush-stroke decoration of the skeletonized bridges on this piece comes from the work of contemporary French artist Pierre Soulages.

    Other highlights from last month
    A number of brands presented new advertising campaigns, so Marie de Pimodan Bugnon took the opportunity to deconstruct them succinctly.

    Product placement in films is another important promotional tool for watch brands, offering access to a potentially huge audience. But as the controversy surrounding the release of the movie "The Interview" over Christmas showed, such publicity can quickly turn bad, then back to good equally as quickly. After initially cancelling the film's release, Sony later released it in independent cinemas and online in the US and it became an instant hit. Last month Keith Strandberg looked at the thought that goes into watch placements in movies and how brands can benefit from this.


Cartier 35.00 mm

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